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Through the jungles… in the face of violence… a message of Hope emerges.
Amidst the harsh realities of serving Christ on the frontlines of drugs, violence and terror, seven young adults must answer the question, “What are we willing to risk for Jesus?”

In this second installment of Underground Reality, you will travel with a team of seven young adults from around the world through the villages, prisons and jungles of Colombia.

For more than 40 years, Colombia has been terrorized by kidnappings, drug lords, and revolution led by the notorious FARC guerrillas. But in the face of such tragedy, courageous Christian workers have set out to bring a message of peace.

You will meet Alex, a former assassin now turned to Christ; Celso, a mission worker who was kidnapped by the FARC but still goes to minister in guerilla-controlled areas; and hear the heartfelt testimonies of Luz and Yubis, whose husbands were recently killed for Christ.
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